Here is a list of tutorials I've written, all available at no charge!

This is a terrific way to use up yarn that's not enough to do something with!  Different colors can be combined to use up those scraps and create a cute headpiece for a little one!

This pattern uses very little material and is easy to make.  This is a great project to take on with the Fashion Doll owner!

This tutorial shows you how to knit a flower.  It includes a short video on the detail between the petals. 

This is another great use of small amounts of materials. 

A fun article that shows how many pieces are in a handmade teddy as well as demonstrating how to create movable limbs with the old-fashioned string-and-button method.


This article discusses things that an accomplished seamstress knows, but that many of us have forgotten.  Good information as a refresher or as the basics for a beginner!

This link will take you to YouTube, where you can view a step-by-step video on making the pictured ruffle scarf.  For other information about ruffle scarves, using Red Heart Bouquet Sashay yarn or similar, click HERE for an in depth article on my blog.


This will take you, step-by-step, through the process of making a baby comforter.  The process can be repeated for a comforter of any size.

This quilt is surprisingly easy to make, once you break it down to equally sized blocks!

This tutorial is suitable for beginning knitters.  It is completely done in seed stitch, using machine wash and dry yarn for easy care.

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