Monday, January 15, 2018

I Have Been "Sewing Woman" Lately!

We have needed a new quilt or comforter for our bed for a while.  The one that has been there for a bit more than 13 years owes us nothing!  It's been slept under every night for all that time.  It's been washed and dried I-don't-know-how-many times. But it's been showing it's age for a while.  Having made that quilt, I'm really happy with how it has stood up to the test of use and time.

I really didn't want to make us another quilt, and have been shopping for a replacement for almost a year.  We actually did buy a quilt from Wayfair.  But when it arrived and we put it on the bed, we both agreed that it did NOT look like the picture online.  I guess it was at that point that I knew this was going to be my quest.  By the way, returning it to Wayfair was pretty painless.  I would recommend Wayfair.

It took six full days of sewing and 19 yards of material, but it's done and on the bed.  Paul picked out a really nice wood-plank pattern for the base and a beautiful digital print for the panel/pillows.  It must be okay because this new quilt has passed the "Maggie test;" she's snoozing in the sunshine at the foot of the bed.

We are hoping that this quilt will last as long as the one it replaced.  

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