Thursday, January 28, 2016

You Can Knit This Easy Infinity Scarf!

A dear friend on mine's birthday is soon, and I decided to knit her an infinity scarf.  And thinking about it, I thought that there might be some of you out there that would like to knit one, too, and don't know how. This tutorial will fix that for you! This scarf is suitable to beginning knitters and can be finished in an afternoon.

You will need 24" circular needles, size 10.5, one 6 ounce skein of a bulky yarn (I used Red Heart Light & Lofty which is machine washable/dryable - any yarn that has a gauge of about 2 stitches per inch will do), and one stitch marker.  You can use regular straight needles. If you do, your infinity scarf will have a seam where you weave the ends together.

Make sure that the work isn't twisted on the needles!
Cast on 91 stitches. At this point it is VERY important to make sure that the stitches on the needles are not twisted!  Place the stitch marker after the last stitch cast on so you know where the beginning/end is.

This scarf is knitted using a seed stitch (knit 1/purl 1 all across). On each subsequent row, you will be purling the knitted stitches and knitting the purled stitches (thus the reason for casting on an odd number of stitches). Knit around in this manner until the scarf is at least 6 inches wide, or until your yarn is almost gone(my preference since I hate storing small bits of yarn!).  Be sure to leave yourself enough yarn to cast off!

When it's off the needle and laid flat it should look something like this.  Mine is 7 inches wide and 52 inches long.  This is an easy scarf that will definitely keep you toasty warm and can be tossed in the washer and dryer making care a snap.  It is sure to become your favorite!

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