Thursday, November 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday - November 19, 2015

John Vladimir and Anna Liptak Deak
On the other side of the country, this photo of John Vladimir and Anna Liptak Deak was taken sometime in the 1930s in Brooklyn, New York (thanks to my sister, Carol, for finding this gem on!).  According to census records, one was born in Poland and the other in Hungary.  Among their children was Lewis James Deak who met and married Anne Cecelia Hynes.  James and Anne had three children - Perpetua, Eileen and James.  At some point - my guess is the mid-30s - Lewis and Anne moved with the three children to California...
Grandma Lee, Clayton, Charlotte, Donald, Eileen, Lewis and Anne

... where Donald met and married their daughter, Eileen.  They were married in grand style at the cathedral in Beverly Hills, California, with the ceremony being performed by the Cardinal of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.  The 500 guests (I think) were all in attendance at the dinner at the Beverly Hills Hotel where the reception was held.

Grandma Lee, Charlotte, Donald and me!

Nine months and 5 days later, I was born!  I have always loved this photo with four generations.  This crib is precious, too.  Not only were all of my brothers and sisters in this crib, but my children were in it, too.

I started this to preserve the photos and stories attached to the collage I made of the photos that Charlotte had.  That collage still hangs on the wall in my home and always will.  My children love the collage and it seems they all want it.  This way, they can all have the photos and stories.  All of the photos in that collage (and a few others) are now in this series.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Throwback Thursday - November 12, 2015

Today, we have a couple of pictures of my paternal great-grandparents...  John and Mary Lee.  This one was taken mid to late-30s...  my best guess based on the cars.  John in the center with Mary on the right in the light coat.  Sadly, I don't know who the lady is in the dark hat.

This portrait of John was taken in 1943.  I never knew my great grandfather; he died before I was born.  But my Grandmother Charlotte told a very interesting story about her dad...

John & Mary bought a cabin in Metcalfe Bay, right across the street from Big Bear Lake in California.  It was a small, lovely little cabin - maybe 500 square feet total. You walked through the front door into the living room with a fireplace at one end.  Through the doorway at the other end of the living room was a tiny kitchen with an eating area.  I remember the table in the eating area sat all of three people. There was a small 3/4 bath off the kitchen. There was also a ladder along the side of the living room going up to the loft; it was divided into two sleeping areas, each of which was full to capacity with a double bed.

The story goes that John loved to go up to the cabin and fish in the lake.  Yet every time he did, he would remark that he wished he had a speedboat so that he could get out farther in the water, or simply cruise around the beautiful, alpine lake on a sunny day.  "I wish I had a speedboat..."

John died of a stroke in 1946 (or so), never having gotten that coveted speed boat, and leaving a huge estate behind. The story always ended with, "So if there is something you really want, don't dream about it - go get it!  Don't be like my Dad."

Until next Thursday.....

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Throwback Thursday - November 5, 2015

Time to introduce the next generation!  My dad, Donald, was born to Charlotte in the mid-1920s.  Since we live in an age of identity theft, and my Dad is still alive, I am no going to publish his exact birth date...  I know you all understand!

This formal portrait of my Dad was taken when he was probably a year or so old...  my best guess.  He was a cutie, don't you agree?  I love the button-up shoes.  And if you look closely, the baby ring is on his right hand! 

My Dad was, and still is, quite a character.  Maybe he's three in this photo.


Love the top hat!

This one was probably taken at the same time as the one above.

See you  next Thursday!

Monday, November 2, 2015


I have been told that my dolls are special, that they are so cute, that they're unique.  I have sold lots of dolls over the years, but this last year, they are simply keeping me company.

I love to quilt and my quilts are gaining in popularity.  As much as I love making my dolls, I think they need to be out of my inventory.

So now is the time to snatch one if you like!  I've marked all of my big dolls down by 50%... even the angels!  I will continue to make the miniatures, as they seem to still be popular even though they don't move, talk, walk or need batteries.  Who knows...  some time in the future, I may again make/stock dolls.  In the meantime, if you need a special one, please don't hesitate to ask! 

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