Thursday, October 22, 2015

Throwback Thursday - October 22, 2015

Charlotte spent the rest of her life in Southern California, enjoying the amenities of Santa Monica and the nearby Pacific Ocean. 

Portraits were still popular in her family. Three of these came from the same sitting. None of them are signed or dated. My guess is that the one in the darker dress to the left is earlier than the three below, which were taken all at the same sitting.

The house she grew up in in Santa Monica was just off of San Vicente on 14th Street (if my memory is accurate).  This photo is not a formal portrait and was taken in the back yard of that house.  She did love her doll even as she grew up.  

The story on this photo was that it was her "class" photo. Seven girls in the class... how times have changed!  You have to love the big hair bows, too!

This one has to be my favorite of this group.  Hand-written in the bottom border of this photo, it reads "Venice, Calif."  Charlotte was nearly a young woman in this photo.  I'm guessing that this would have been taken ca. 1912-15 or so.  That roller coaster in the background became part of what would be Pacific Ocean Park, which is now completely gone.

See you next Thursday!

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