Thursday, October 1, 2015

Throwback Thursday - October 1, 2015

Although it's out of order, which doesn't surprise me since there are a lot of photos, here is John's christening photo.  It, too, was taken in Detroit, Michigan by a photographer named Mannatt, 131 133 and 135 Woodward Avenue.  I love it that so many of these photos have the photographer's name and address on them.  I sincerely wish more of them were dated.

John left the farm and moved into the city.  My grandmother said the he worked with Henry Ford, but I have no other details. 


He met and married Mary, though I don't know how or when.  I also don't know how long they were married before my grandmother was born.  I do know that she was an only child.

Charlotte Gertrude Lee was born on October 2, 1904.  All of these portraits are signed by the photographer, though I can't read the very artsy signature.  What I can read is the date... '06, making Charlotte 2 in the photos.

From the looks of it, John was doing well!  What I find so interesting is that this lady is NOT Mary - that's Lottie holding Charlotte!  Interesting, too, is that she was named after John's mother and sister.  My grandmother used to tell the story that her mother was adamant that even though she was named after her, do not let them call you Lottie!  There was apparently no love lost between Mary and her in-laws.

Tillie is noticeably absent from all of the pictures taken after my grandmother was born.  It seems I recall hearing that she died during a virus epidemic, but I don't remember a date/year being mentioned.  Although there are no pictures of John Sr. and Gertrude with their granddaughter, they probably got to meet her as there are photos of them as older folks.

If you look very closely at the photo of John with Charlotte, baby Charlotte is wearing a ring on the middle finger of her right hand.  That baby ring is in my jewelry box!  That little ring shows up in several photos as time rolls on.

The story continues next Thursday!

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