Thursday, September 24, 2015

Throwback Thursday - September 24, 2015

We take pictures all the time...  with our phones, cameras, tablets ...  But 100+ years ago, it was a colossal undertaking to take a photo.  I'm guessing they weren't cheap, either.  So today, I'm sharing more formal portraits.

This is the only formal portrait I have of John alone.  My guess is he was six or seven, making this one taken in the mid-1880s.  It was taken by Ferdinand Friend in Detroit, Michigan.

This portrait of Lottie, Tillie and John was taken by A.G. McMichael in Detroit.  John was such a little guy that this one must have been taken right around 1880.

This portrait of Tillie was taken by Hughes in Detroit, Michigan.  Interesting that most of these photographers show their address on Woodward Avenue... it must have been photographer lane back then.

This portrait of Tillie was captured by Butler & Company, also on Woodward Avenue in Detroit.  I think this was a studio shot, judging by the trees.  In the other photos I have on and around the farm, there are no trees anywhere.  The most interesting thing about this photo is the locket Tillie is wearing.  My grandmother had that locket.  I wish I knew where it is now.

See you next week!

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