Sunday, September 6, 2015

I've Been Knitting!

So my "business" is named iKnitQuiltSew.  For the last three days, I've been knitting.  It's been a mission.

I knit much of the time, making this and that, and whatever it is, it never uses quite all of the yarn.  I end up with a ball that's not big enough to knit another of whatever I bought the yarn for, yet it's too big to throw away.

My drawer with all of these yarn remnants was just packed to overflowing.  I simply couldn't bring myself to pull it out and dump it in the trash.  So I decided to figure out some way to use it...  there must be something.

I must admit, I love this page in my shop.  My baby booties are not all that special - there are lots of knitters making baby booties.  So I decided to focus on preemies and tiny newborns. When my grand-daughter came home from the hospital, she was one ounce over five pounds.  It was next to impossible to find booties to fit her, unless they were doll clothes.  So now I have a whole assortment of hand knit baby booties that will fit a preemie or newborn up to about 6 pounds.

Not bad for something that was almost in the trash!

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