Thursday, September 24, 2015

Throwback Thursday - September 24, 2015

We take pictures all the time...  with our phones, cameras, tablets ...  But 100+ years ago, it was a colossal undertaking to take a photo.  I'm guessing they weren't cheap, either.  So today, I'm sharing more formal portraits.

This is the only formal portrait I have of John alone.  My guess is he was six or seven, making this one taken in the mid-1880s.  It was taken by Ferdinand Friend in Detroit, Michigan.

This portrait of Lottie, Tillie and John was taken by A.G. McMichael in Detroit.  John was such a little guy that this one must have been taken right around 1880.

This portrait of Tillie was taken by Hughes in Detroit, Michigan.  Interesting that most of these photographers show their address on Woodward Avenue... it must have been photographer lane back then.

This portrait of Tillie was captured by Butler & Company, also on Woodward Avenue in Detroit.  I think this was a studio shot, judging by the trees.  In the other photos I have on and around the farm, there are no trees anywhere.  The most interesting thing about this photo is the locket Tillie is wearing.  My grandmother had that locket.  I wish I knew where it is now.

See you next week!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Throwback Thursdays - September 17, 2015

I missed last Thursday - sorry about that.  I was running about like mad packing and organizing to get us out of the house and on our way to the show we did last weekend.  So I will make up for it today!

Lottie and Tillie were the older sisters of my paternal great-grandfather.  This is the oldest of all the photos - taken before the Civil War.  Lottie was the older of the two (standing).  This photo is actually a tin-type, which is very cool.

Lottie and Tillie both had formal portraits done - I wish I knew the years.  This one is Lottie.  It's matted in a black cardstock-type material that has a cloth-like feel to it.  It's also embossed all around the edge photo.
The photo-grapher's name is also em-
bossed at the lower right-hand corner of the mat - it reads Marwick Bros. 204 Woodward Ave. Detroit.

Here is Tillie's portrait.  It's not as fancy as Lottie's and my guess is it was taken  a bit later.  This photographer was Taylor - 41 & 43 Monroe Ave., Detroit, Michigan (printed below the photo).  The photo is applied to the background piece.  Not nearly as fancy as Lottie's.

And here are two little girls you haven't seen before...  The smaller of the two is my paternal great-grandmother, Mary.  Sadly, I don't know her sister's name.  This photo was taken in the mid 1880s.  At the bottom of the photo (not shown), it reads Hamilton, 79 Canal St., Grand Rapids.

See you next Thursday!

Sunday, September 6, 2015

I've Been Knitting!

So my "business" is named iKnitQuiltSew.  For the last three days, I've been knitting.  It's been a mission.

I knit much of the time, making this and that, and whatever it is, it never uses quite all of the yarn.  I end up with a ball that's not big enough to knit another of whatever I bought the yarn for, yet it's too big to throw away.

My drawer with all of these yarn remnants was just packed to overflowing.  I simply couldn't bring myself to pull it out and dump it in the trash.  So I decided to figure out some way to use it...  there must be something.

I must admit, I love this page in my shop.  My baby booties are not all that special - there are lots of knitters making baby booties.  So I decided to focus on preemies and tiny newborns. When my grand-daughter came home from the hospital, she was one ounce over five pounds.  It was next to impossible to find booties to fit her, unless they were doll clothes.  So now I have a whole assortment of hand knit baby booties that will fit a preemie or newborn up to about 6 pounds.

Not bad for something that was almost in the trash!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Throwback Thursdays - September 3, 2015

It's Thursday!  This week, I'm offering three photos, as they go together.  They were all taken around the same time, and all taken on the farm in Michigan. 

Interesting that my grandmother said the the farm was in Detroit...  looking at the photos, you would never know that there was anything around for miles!  This one has a bit of Lake Michigan in it.

This one, on the porch with the dog, is the most interesting. That's great-grandfather John on the right.  The story goes that he was ice skating on Lake Michigan and fell through the ice.  The dog went in and pulled him out, saving his life.  Thank you, dog!!!!

All of these photos are ca. late 1870s.