Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Brian Head Arts Fest

The Brian Head Arts Fest is held every year on Fourth of July weekend in the tiny mountain town of Brian Head, Utah.  Brian Head sits just above 9800 feet elevation and is nestled in a ravine surrounded by towering pines and snow-capped mountains.  The population of the town is small, but over the Fourth, town is packed with visitors staying in their vacation home or condo.

We've done this show for several years, and we are delighted with the way it has evolved.  The first year we did it, it had dog parades and pie eating contests and other carnival-like activities for attendees.  Those attributes have given way to a true art festival atmosphere, where high-quality artists and crafters can exhibit their work. 

We arrived on Thursday afternoon and were escorted by the show organizer, Kristi Grosberg, to the spot where we could park our travel trailer and truck.  To our delight, that spot was just behind where our booth would be set up.  It was simply heaven!

Although we arrived in the rain Thursday, Friday was a reasonably nice day.  It was cloudy and cool all day, but it stayed dry.  Live music was provided late in the afternoon and foot traffic and sales were good throughout the day.

Saturday started out beautiful, but the weather quickly turned nasty midday.  We all sat out a two-hour deluge of rain and hail.  But then everyone reopened, and all of the shoppers (who had been hiding from the rain as well) came back out.  All in all, this is a predictably good show for us, and this year was no different.  It is such a delight to sit in this beautiful location and escape the heat of our home at a lower elevation.  It was a blast.

Here is our rating, on a scale of 1 (atrocious) to 10 (spectacular) for the Brian Head Arts Fest:

Load In/Load Out  10
Availability of show organizers during show 10
Overall layout and traffic pattern 10
Mix of show 10
Show matched pre-show materials 10
Parking for exhibitors 10
Overall rating  10

Weather Expectations: Temperatures at this elevation this time of year tend to be high 70s during the day and can drop into the 40s at night.  Bring a jacket!  Afternoon thunderstorms are common, too.

Who should do this show? This show is appropriate for any artists or crafters.  It is well attended by customers who understand that art and handmade are worth what you pay for it.  The booth fee of $125 is reasonable.

Would we recommend this show to other exhibitors? Yes

Will we do this show again?  Absolutely yes!

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