Sunday, June 21, 2015

Road Trip! Waldport to Hood River, Oregon

After all the driving we had done, you would think that a 208 mile leg would be a piece of cake.  It would have been if we didn't get stuck in traffic in Portland for almost 90 minutes!  One of the beauties of living in a rural area...  no traffic jams.  But there wasn't a thing we could do about it so we just sat there and chatted.

The road inland from Waldport seriously wound around up and down hills into a tiny town called Alsea.  
Cow Drop?? !!!!

Alsea is one of those places where if you sneeze you would miss it.  But there was this hysterical message on the Alsea Schools sign.  And no, I still don't really know what a "Cow Drop" is!

Columbia River

Once we got through the traffic in Portland, we cruised for absolutely miles along the south side of the Columbia River.  When we first saw it, we thought it was a giant ocean bay, but boy, were we wrong!  Gorgeous, just gorgeous....

Mt. Hood, an active volcano, is not far from the Fairgrounds

Hood River proper is just off the river, and our destination took us away from it a bit more to the Hood River County Fairgrounds.  This would be our home for the next three days, as we set up in the Blossom Craft Show.  The road to the fairgrounds was lined for as far as you could see with blooming pear trees.  We camped at the fairgrounds for $15 a night, and had water and electric hookups!  Camping is on a vast expanse of lawn, and there is a dump station available at no charge.  Although the Fairgrounds isn't really a campground if you're in the area and it's open, stay here!

Mt. Adams is in Washington State, but is quite a site through the Oregon pear trees!
Set up for the show was a breeze.  The organizers were cheerful and efficient.  Our spot was nicely located on a main walkway into one of the exhibit buildings.  Traffic was terrific both days and our sales were great.  All in all, this show is a winner!

All the time at the Fairgrounds, we were just in awe of a huge, old-growth redwood.  The tree was easily over a hundred feet tall.  So when all was said and done, we decided we needed a picture. Photographing the whole tree didn't tell the story.  So we set the camera on a bench and took a picture of us with the trunk.  It was by far the biggest tree we had even been close to!

All that was left was to get home; a 954 mile drive we wanted to get done in two days.  We spent the night in a rest stop in Idaho just shy of the Utah border.  Traffic through Salt Lake City was moving, thankfully!  Home felt wonderful and our dog, Maggie, was so glad to see us!! 

Here is our rating, on a scale of 1 (atrocious) to 10 (spectacular) for the Hood River Blossom Craft Show:

Load In/Load Out  10
Avalability of show organizers during show 8
Overall layout and traffic pattern 9
Mix of show 10
Show matched pre-show materials 10
Parking for exhibitors 10
Overall rating  9+

Weather Expectations: If you decide to do this show, be prepared for damp rainy weather.  The crowd for this show is used to rain and it did not affect attendance as far as we could tell.

Who should do this show? This show is appropriate for any artists or crafters.  It is well organized and well attended.  The booth fee of $75 is incredibly reasonable!

Would we recommend this show to other exhibitors? Yes

Will we do this show again?  Yes, if we're in the neighborhood.

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