Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Road Trip! Florence to Waldport, Oregon

This leg was 83 miles and seemed like almost nothing!  It was a lovely drive that wandered in and out of lush forests and ran right along the coast on Highway 101.

We chose to stay at McKinley's Marina and RV Park, as it was right on the water...  and it was!  Realistically, this RV Park is a big parking lot for RVs; there's really nothing fancy about it...  but it was in a beautiful location, and the facilities were nice and clean.

Waldport is a charming little town, with all kinds of unique shops to explore.  PLUS, it's where one of our sons and his family lives!  We had a wonderful time exploring the beaches adjacent to the bay, and helping our tiny granddaughter turn over rocks to see all the baby crabs scurry away.  We took the kids out to dinner at China Restaurant, just down the street from their apartment.  OMG!!!!  If you are ever anywhere near Waldport, Oregon, eat in this restaurant!  It was perhaps the most delicious Chinese food we've ever had.  And the bill for 5 people to have complete dinners was just under $50.  It was just fabulous.

Here's our rating for this RV Park: 

McKinley's Maina & RV Park, 850 Highway 34, 
Waldport, OR
 Ease of access from major highway: Easy
Front Desk personnel:  Efficient
Cost per night:  Good for the location ($34.50)
Park Amenities: Average
Cleanliness:  Above Average
Availability of supplies/meals/etc: Average
Overall rating:  Average
Would we stay here again: Probably

Next stop: Hood River, OR

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