Saturday, May 9, 2015

Road Trip! Grants Pass, Oregon

After all the driving and a two-day show, we planned to sit somewhere for three days and fish.  So we chose the Rogue River and Grants Pass, Oregon.  The 30-mile drive was wonderful on an uncongested Interstate 5.

Our navigation took us off the Interstate a bit early, but that was okay.  The street route was typical Oregon - trees and green and water - and just lovely. We found River Park RV Resort without incident and got checked in to a space right on the Rogue River.

It was an absolutely beautiful location, teeming with all kinds of birds and waterfowl.  This robin just sat there until I took its picture - in fact several pictures!  The park was also ablaze with an array of tulips.  The lawn behind our trailer was more than big enough to set up our rain-soaked canopy and let it dry. The neighboring campers were far enough away not to care.  It was heaven.

That afternoon, we set out to buy fishing licenses.  The very friendly park host directed us to a shop not far away.  We asked the clerk a myriad of fishing questions - what bait, what location, special restrictions -  and got evasive non-responses.  He finally admitted that he had never fished!

On that warm, sunny afternoon, sitting in our comfy camp chairs on the shore of the beautiful river, watching rafters drift by and our lines in the water, we both had several bites and finally landed a huge steelhead.  The regulations said that to keep it, it must be at least 26" long.  We guess this one was, since doubled over in our net, it still didn't fit.  The regs also said that the farm raised ones would have a clipped adipose fin and this one wasn't clipped.  We quickly decided to let it go, as it was a native fish and were happy when my hook came out with ease and the fish swam away.

My better half and fishing buddy trying to find one in the rapids
The next day was cool and drizzly at times, but that didn't stop us.  Yes, we are fish fanatics.  We walked the shore of the river for probably a bit more than half a mile, thoroughly relaxed, enjoying the weather, the scenery and each other.  The only thing we managed to catch was one karp.

Our stay a River Park RV Resort was simply wonderful.  We both wished that we could spend the rest of the week there, but we needed to get closer to our next show location.  Here is our rating of this RV park: 

River Park RV Resort, 2956 Rogue River HIghway, 
Grants Pass, OR
(541) 479-0046
Ease of access from major highway: Easy
Front Desk personnel:  Exceptional (he even helped us back into our spot!)
Cost per night:  Great value ($35/night)
Park Amenities: Exceptional
Cleanliness:  Exceptional
Availability of supplies/meals/etc: Above average for a somewhat remote area
Overall rating:  Exceptional
Would we stay here again: Absolutely yes!

Entertaining the notion of "we could live here," we did a search on Our criteria: at least 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, single family home within a 20 mile radius of Grants Pass, Oregon.  The results: 1 serious fixer listed for $164,000!  Guess we will just be visitors!
Next - on to Coos Bay, Oregon!


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