Sunday, May 24, 2015

Road Trip! Florence, Oregon and Heceta Beach

We set out early to leave Coos Bay and head up the Oregon Coast.  The 49 mile drive took us right along the ocean on the map, but we couldn't see it for the lovely forests and sand dunes.

We had called the night before and booked a spot at the Heceta Beach RV Park.  The entire rest of our trip was so precisely mapped out that we were a bit anxious about this last minute change in plans.  But it did put us that much closer to our next show, so what the heck.

Our Sierra & Lance 1575 in our spot at Heceta Beach
We were greeted by two ladies, who we would refer to for the rest of our stay as the "laughing ladies," at the front desk of an on-site mini-mart.  They quickly took care of the paperwork, checked us in and gave us directions to our spot.  We were simply thrilled with it...  not only was there plenty of space for our GMC and Lance, but we felt totally alone because of the bushes/trees/shrubs separating each space from the next.  It was just gorgeous!

We really loved Florence, and were sorry we didn't have more time to spend in this charming town.  As it was, we shopped in the enormous and beautiful Safeway, restocking our produce supply, visited a couple of antique stores, a very neat yarn shop, and two bead stores.

Tide out at Heceta Beach
But what we really wanted to do was to put our feet in the sand - something neither of us had done in 35 years.  It was a cool, breezy day, but that didn't stop us.  Just 3 blocks from our campsite was this wide expanse of pristine coastline.  We happily walked the beach for quite a while, deciding to stop only because it was so cool and damp.

Here is our rating for this RV Park:

Heceta Beach RV Park, 4636 Heceta Beach Rd., 
Florence, OR
(541) 997-7664
Ease of access from major highway: Easy
Front Desk personnel:  Friendly, efficient and happy
Cost per night:  Excellent ($38)
Park Amenities: Excellent
Cleanliness:  Excellent
Availability of supplies/meals/etc: Excellent from the well-supplied Mini-Mart on the premises
Overall rating:  Excellent
Would we stay here again: Absolutely yes!

Next stop: Waldport, OR

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