Sunday, May 17, 2015

Road Trip! Coos Bay, Oregon

This 138-mile leg of our journey took us through more beautiful Oregon forests as it wound its way to the coast.  We planned on spending two days in Coos Bay.  We had heard that it was an historic town, with a thriving and vibrant downtown in an artsy community.  It sounded like just our style!  We chose the Lucky Logger RV Park, because of their claims of beautiful views of the bay.

We were so disappointed all the way around.  Lucky Logger's view of the bay was severely obstructed by construction debris, mounds of dirt, and passing trains (even in the middle of the night).  We arrived at just before 3 PM and found a sign on the office door, "back in 15 minutes."  A few minutes later, an older gentleman opened the door and gruffly said, "You need something? I was just about to close up."  We took a spot anyway for one night, figuring we could find something better tomorrow.

The RV Park also boasted a nice, short walk along the bay to historic downtown, but the gates were locked.  So we drove the half-a-mile and parked to start exploring.  What we found were punk-looking lurkers, junk shops and empty storefronts.  So sad.  

That evening, we decided to move on, and made the next stop in Florence, OR.  We called for a reservation and settled in for the night.

Here is our rating for this RV Park:

Lucky Logger RV Park, 250 E. Johnson Avenue, 
Coos Bay, OR
(541) 267-6003
Ease of access from major highway: Average
Front Desk personnel:  Abrupt
Cost per night:  Expensive for a parking place ($37.90)
Park Amenities: Below Average
Cleanliness:  Average
Availability of supplies/meals/etc: Above average
Overall rating:  Below average
Would we stay here again: No
Next: Florence, OR and Heceta Beach

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