Monday, April 27, 2015

Road Trip!

We vanished for quite some time.  The reason is that we were doing two shows in the state of Oregon on back-to-back weekends.  The trip took some planning which paid huge dividends over the course of the 2500 mile drive.  Over the next few days, I'll be sharing our adventure, as well as rating trailer/RV Parks and the two shows themselves.

And so it begins...

We had a specific plan on how to accomplish all of this driving and still feel like we had a vacation.  From our home to the first show was a drive of 856 miles.  We knew there was no way for us to drive it in one day, so we planned to break it into two days.
Our first stop (471 miles) was Winnemucca, NV.  We expected this to be a boring drive...  after all, Nevada is nothing but thousands of square miles of desert. For the first couple of hours, we were correct.  Seeing an occasional taller sage brush was a thrill.  It didn't help that we were fighting a snow/rain/sleet storm as well as a strong headwind.

But Northern Nevada surprised us.  It was really quite lovely with the rolling hills and snow-covered mountains, and an occasional charming small town.  

It seemed that we were towing our little trailer uphill forever!  Finally, we started seeing yellow warning signs about an 8% downgrade not far ahead.  It seemed curious to us that these signs were posted every half mile or so for at least three or four miles.  And then, there was one, just before a sharp-looking right-hand curve that read, "Final Warning! 8% downgrade next six miles."

We went around that curve cautiously and found ourselves on a two-lane (just barely) road, with solid sheer mountain on one side and hundreds of feet of air on the other.  The road was shaped like a wiggly worm, slithering its way down the side of this cliff!  Fortunately, it was nearly dry when we were on it.  It would have been truly terrifying had it been wet and/or icy.

Our Lance behind our GMC Sierra in our spot

Other than that, the eight+ hour drive was uneventful.  We stayed at the New Frontier RV Park in Winnemucca, Nevada.  The park is nicely laid out with wide, pull through spaces.  The rates are wonderful (under $20/night for full hook-ups), and there's a Wingers Restaurant (which was delicious) adjacent to the park.  But the absolute BEST thing about this trailer/RV park was the wonderful lady who checked us in.  She was pleasant, knowledgeable, and helpful and had a terrific sense of humor.  What an asset!  Here's our rating for this trailer/RV Park:

NEW FRONTIER RV PARK, 4360 Rim Rock Rd., Winnemucca, NV 
(775) 621-5277
Ease of access from major highway: Excellent
Front Desk personnel:  Exceptional
Cost per night:  Exceptional
Park Amenities: Above average
Cleanliness:  Excellent
Availability of supplies/meals/etc: Excellent
Overall rating:  Excellent
Would we stay here again: Absolutely, yes!

Tomorrow...  on to Medford, Oregon.

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