Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Introducing FurPets©!

My first 8 FurPets© - The multi-color one was the very first one.
I have been working on this idea for quite some time, and I finally decided that it was time to go for it!  Let me introduce you to FurPets©!  I honestly can't say where the idea came from exactly, but it just wouldn't go away.  I guess deep down, I believe that every child (of any age!) needs a unique, hand-crafted toy - so here it is!  Since it's not terribly expensive, it's affordable for everyone. 

Lime Green FurPet©
FurPets© are wonderful and versatile toys and friends.  FurPets© will sit quietly and listen when you need to vent.  They love to play catch or be juggled with their FurPet© friends.  Furpets© will help you practice your soccer moves, but it is not their favorite thing.

FurPets© fit in your hand, so they are just the right size to stay with you everywhere you go.  They are really easy care - they don't eat much and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

FurPet© in its handmade box
FurPet© is my invention and completely handmade by me.  All of my FurPets© meet safety standards of the US Government for toys for children over three years old.  Each FurPet© ships in its own box, and each one is numbered. (The box is handmade by me, too!)

Need a cheery friend that never complains?  FurPet© is just the thing for you!

Creamy Tan FurPet©

If you would like to see all of the currently available FurPets©, click this link.

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