Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Story....

I met Tina when she was just 14 years old, probably in the late 1980s.  I was working as the Assistant Manager in a very busy grocery store in a resort town, and I hired her to be a courtesy clerk....  although I kept telling her she was a bag lady, which she didn't appreciate at all!  Even though there was a significant age difference, Tina and I hit it off immediately.  She worked at that store all through her high school years, and became one of the most accurate cashiers we ever had, all while becoming a most wonderful young woman.

She married her sweetheart, and had two beautiful children - a son and a daughter - starting her own life.  All the while, we remained friends, even when I moved states away from her.  She and her little family also changed states, but it turned out not to be such a good thing.  She started college, but didn't get too far, and then the family fell apart.  She still knew she could cry on my shoulder, even though we were separated by hundreds of miles.

She and the kids moved back to that small resort town and she managed to find a great job, which she still has to this day.  Single mom not stopping her, she went back to college from afar, and although it took her years, I am so proud to say that she graduated with her bachelors degree last fall.  The kids are getting so big, now, and the pictures in emails, on Facebook, and in Christmas cards show them to be happy and healthy.

What Tina really wanted for her little family was their own home, but being single mom with a great job that paid the bills and not much more, it didn't seem it would ever be possible.  But she wouldn't give up on the dream.  She was one of the huge number of applicants for a Habitat for Humanity house, and was ultimately picked to get one!  Although the construction was the better part of a year, they moved into Habitat House #6 earlier this month.

So this sunflower-loving, cheerful, amazing friend of mine is getting this quilt for a housewarming present.  Still being separated by hundreds of miles, we've been through so much together, and it's as close as I can get to giving her a hug.  I'm hoping to get it finished and in the mail by Tuesday so that she'll get it by her birthday which is Friday next week.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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