Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Custom Angel Finished!

This is angel Number 3.  Her name is Georgia.  She is a custom order.  I am having fun making these angels.  In fact, I have everything laid out to make two more; one brunette and one blond!

Have a great afternoon everyone!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Rag Doll Angel!

I would like you to meet Angelica!  She took me all day to make.  I thought you might like to see the mess I make while making a doll.  I will admit to having cleaned up a bit before taking this picture, when it suddenly occurred to me that I should take a picture!  But the result of the mess is worth it!

Handmade Rag Doll Angel - Angelica - for more information, click HERE

Angelica is signed, dated and numbered (#2).  If you remember, a while ago, another customer special ordered a rag doll angel.  I had a feeling that if I did one, there might be more in my future, and I was right!  Angelica is for sale in my shop, but angel #3 has been ordered.  The first angel I made was miniature rag doll size.  This order is for a full size rag doll angel, so Angelica is my prototype for that special order.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, November 10, 2014

I Have Been Busy!

Last week, I concentrated on miniature rag dolls - that is, when I wasn't working on art exhibits, planning committees, and attending a bunch of meetings!  But I got a lot done and I am happy.  I don't think I have enough, yet, but happily, other things are pushing me in a different direction.


Emily and Ilsa are leaving today - both are going to collectors!  And it's two different collectors.  Plus, one of them has commissioned an additional full size doll that is a blonde angel!  With Emily and Ilsa leaving the brood, that leaves me with only 7 full size dolls.  So first, I need to make the angel and then, some more dolls!

Also in the business of last week, I took the leap and applied to the St. George and Park City Art Festivals.  These juried, annual events are very prestigious and hard to get into.  Crossed fingers for me on both of these are appreciated!  I won't know the answer on either until spring of next year.

Have a great day everyone!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Pioneer Dress - Finished! (Well - Almost)

Handmade Pioneer Dress - front
Handmade Pioneer Dress - Back
And here it is!  I need to do the hand work...  hem on the apron and inside the waistband.  I also altered the pattern just a bit.  I called for elastic in the cuffs of the sleeves, which I had in originally, but have removed.  The apron was nearly as long as the dress to begin with, but I wanted more dress at the bottom.  Also, the apron didn't have pockets and I added them.  It have my grandmother's Moonstone pendant on my dress form.  It's not quite 'period correct,' as it dates from the 1920s, but I think it's close enough!

The pattern was reasonably easy to work with.  If you would like to make yourself this pioneer dress and apron, it's McCall's 9423.

Tomorrow, it's more miniature rag dolls...  I am down to just 9 of them left and Christmas is coming.  I think 2 dozen of them is a good number!

Have a great evening everyone!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Pioneer Dress - A Work in Progress

I promised a picture today, so here it is.  This is definitely still a work in progress!