Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Seven Step Approach...

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are 7!

Step 1: Gather everything I'm going to need into one place (make a mess).  This includes all the dolls, embroidery floss, Pink and White fabrics (customer wants them all in pink or white), yarn and doll hair, a freshly sharpened pencil, scissors, thread nippers, an assortment of needles, hemostats, and polyester fiberfill.

Step 2:  I decided to try a batch of three dolls.  So step 2 is to sew the two cutouts together, leaving an opening at the top of the head for stuffing.  Once they are sewn together, they all got signed and dated adjacent to my label.  This is all on the backs of the dolls.

Step 3:  With my freshly sharpened pencil, draw faces on the three dolls to embroider.  I took this picture before they got rosy cheeks (also in this step).  Rosy cheeks are simply powder blush applied with a cotton swab.

Step 4:  Embroider their smiling little faces.  Those are my fingers holding these little dolls still for the photo.  This gives you a really good idea on the size of these dolls; they are just over 3 inches tall.

Step 5: Give them all some hair!  Just like my full size dolls, my miniatures also have wild, big hair.  Their hair will get styled a bit later.

Step 6:  Make their little dresses.  Each dress is gathered at the neck to make the ruffle with embroidery floss.  The floss is securely knotted so that the tiny bows will not come untied.  These dolls never get undressed.  Also in this step, their hair got styled and the embroidery floss hangar was added.  A couple of them also got additional rosy cheeks.  I like rosy cheeks!

Step 7: Put each one in its own little cellophane bag.  This keeps them clean and keeps their dresses from getting wrinkled.

I suppose Step 8 is "Repeat until you have 25 of these!"  I learned making the batch of three that it is far more efficient for me to make one at a time.  I did only get four done today, but I was interrupted about a million times.  I am glad that I have lots of time to finish these!

Have a great evening everyone!

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  1. What great little dolls, love them. You make it sound so simple, simple enough for even me to do. But I won't because I would have to make mine from some kind of bead. Great post Sandi