Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Dog Ate My Homework...

Today was so incredibly busy!  The quilt is signed and tagged and put away.  This does take a while, since I actually sign the quilt and then embroider over my signature.  I just don't like the look of writing on a quilt, even if it is small.  Anyway - it's done.  Then I spent a couple of hours on Groovefest Music and Art Festival (the layout is nearly complete).  I had to go into town to pick up the t-shirts we ordered for the event, drop off some paperwork at the City, and drop off a check at Groovacious.  It's lovely living "in the country," but going into town is an hour's travel time plus errands.  It took a chunk out of my day.

I finally got to my sheet project .  When I took them out of the package, I noticed how nice and silky they felt.  So I made the mistake of looking up the price of a Hotel Collection, extra deep, queen size flat sheet...  if you want a real thrill, Google that phrase...  Holy mackerel!!!!  And I have two of them to make into one giant fitted sheet.  Now I am really paranoid about cutting wrong...  The good news is that the center seam is in and so far, I don't need to replace one of the sheets.  HOORAY!!!

When I got home from town, I had a box of shirts to carry into the house, my purse, a couple of papers, and I had stopped and picked up the mail.  I like to do this in a single trip, so I piled everything on top of the box, and with my house key in one hand, wrestled it out of the car, across the driveway, up the stairs, across the porch, unlocked the front door, and got everything (I thought) safely plopped down on the dining room table.  

I picked the mail up and walked it into my room and dropped it on my desk.  Then I fussed about a bit, getting myself a nice glass of ice water, and headed back to my room to open the mail.  Bill from the gas company, bill from electricity....  wait a minute...  where is that other envelope?  I retraced my steps, knowing that there had been a small white envelope that I knew contained a check.  But it wasn't with the other mail on my desk.  Crud...  where is it?

In the process of retracing my steps, I was so upset to find a shard of an envelope containing a return address.  Then I found the bottom of that envelope with the bottom of the check still in it.  I found the top right corner of the check.  I found bits and scraps of who knows what.  Then I found our puppy happily chewing on what was left at that point, which wasn't much!  Grrrr..............

So now I get to call the sender and ask if I can stop by some time tomorrow and get another check.  At least I'm in a position to present the evidence showing that my dog really DID eat it!  So embarrassed though......

Have a great evening everyone!

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