Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sometimes Life Gets In The Way...

We had a wonderful time camping over the weekend.  We left Friday evening and didn't come back until mid-afternoon Sunday.  We went to a place called Yankee Meadows, which sits up in the mountains at just above 8800 feet elevation.  The Quakies are leafed out now and the meadows are lush and green and full of dandelions!  Why is it that something that you poison in your lawn looks so incredibly lovely in its natural state?!  We fished Saturday and Sunday and fresh trout for dinner was so yummy on Sunday night.

But yesterday just disappeared!  Since we were gone all weekend, the marketing hadn't been done, and neither had the laundry.  Sunday was the first, and I'm nearly OCD about balancing accounts.  PLUS...  our range died.  Sunday night when I pushed the buttons to light the oven to bake bread to go with dinner, nothing happened.  We went through the reset sequence and still, nothing.  Although we're not too upset, since we bought this range used over 4 years ago for a small amount of money, I had to shop for a new one yesterday on top of everything else.  
Good grief!  Ranges can be expensive!  But I'm not a baker or a gourmet chef...  I just want to cook dinner!!!  We bought a range at Sears appliance center and the cost was reasonable.  We pick it up tomorrow at 4:30.

All of these life things kept me from my quilt for much of the day.  I did get the back made for it, but that's about it.  Today was a different story......

I did work on art festivals for a bit, but most of the day I spent quilting and starting the embroidery on the quilt.  I got the top perimeter and all of the mountains quilted.  I'm just tickled with the depth in the mountains and am looking forward to starting on the bushes and getting some light on the water.

Have a terrific evening!


  1. when it rains, it pours...but the quilt is looking great. :0)

  2. That quilt is going to be something when completed, it already is actually. Sorry about your range, if that happened in my house, our goose would be cooked since Jaeden is ALWAYS hungry, I do a lot of cooking.