Thursday, June 26, 2014

Missing in Action!

I haven't written in days and I apologize.  But there is probably going to be more of the same for a bit here.  GROOVEFEST Music & Art Festival begins tomorrow, which means I start in earnest today.  Artists and food vendors will begin arriving to set up today at 4, which means I will be there today at 2.  The entire layout must be clearly marked in those two hours so that we can check in and place those arriving to set up.  That goes on until 8 (probably more like 9) tonight.  Then I will be back at the park tomorrow morning at 7 AM to check in everyone else.  We're live at 10 AM.  Saturday is not quite so early, but we'll be there until 10 or 11 PM to make sure that everyone gets torn down successfully.  Sunday, I will just be brain dead!

See you all next week!

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