Tuesday, June 10, 2014

It Wasn't Broken, So I fixed It...........

How many times have we all decided that something perfectly fine and functional needed improvement, only to sincerely regret that decision down the road?  Welcome to my world!!!!  I know better than to mess with something that is just fine the way it is, but I haven't yet learned....

Yesterday, I was nearly to the bottom of my quilt.  "hmmmm," I mused.  "I could take the bottom off the back of the quilt and move it up just a bit and then it would be just the same as the other sides.  Otherwise, I will need to trim it, and it will be .5 inch narrower than the other sides."  There really wasn't anything wrong with it that anyone other than me would ever have noticed.  But take it off I did.

What a mess!  Taking it off wasn't a huge problem, until I realized that it would have to come off not only the bottom, but the sides, as well.  And the sides were impeded by areas I had already quilted.  So some of the quilting came out, too.

But wait - there's more!  When I put it back together, even though I measured about half a bizillion times, the back ended up .5 inch shorter than the face.  At that point, I was so frustrated, that I was about ready to throw the whole thing out the window.  So instead, I decided to do something else.  So for the rest of the afternoon, I worked on art festival a bit, ran some errands, and then made a batch of raspricot (raspberry and apricot) jam.  Is there anyone out there that does NOT have a similar story to this one????

Today was a different story!   It is done!!!  The photo here is taken at a slight angle so that you can readily see the dimension given to the quilt by the quilting itself.  Tomorrow, all that's left is to trim it and bind it and list it for sale.  Hooray!

The quilt measures 41 inches wide by 35 inches tall.  The angled photo here makes it appear to be square, while it really is a rectangle.  It will be a nice wall hanging in back of a couch, don't you think?

Have a great evening everyone!


  1. Great quilt and yes, I am always trying to fix something that is not broken, that is why it takes my so long on my bead designs.