Thursday, May 29, 2014

Life Goes On!

So today, I accepted the sheet job...  not sure why, but I did.  It's not real "artsy," but it is a regular customer.  So I accepted it to keep my customers happy!  Thanks for letting me talk that through with you.  I also came up with a number on the 30 miniature rag doll tree ornaments and sent it to that customer.  She's thinking.......

On the quilt front, I got everything laid out, square, flat (really important and sometimes difficult if the fabric has stretched), and securely pinned in place and ready to appliqué by about 1 this afternoon. I changed things a bit - what else is new!  But I'm happy with it now and that's all that's important.

It just always amazes me how much of a mess I make putting a quilt together!  I understand and am thankful that I am so fortunate to have all of this fabric ready to grab when the need arises, but man!  It took me an hour and a half just to get my room back to functional again!

I appliquéd for almost 3 hours.  If you've ever used a sewing machine, you are well aware of how it works; you sew in nice, straight lines.  Not me...  I keep setting myself up with all of these curves and corners to sew.  It's a trick to get just the flowing look I want without stretching or twisting the fabric.  Yesterday, lumpy was okay.  Today, lumpy is definitely NOT okay. All three sets of mountains are done and so is the top of the first row of bushes (I start at the top and work my way to the bottom.) I'm hoping to finish the appliqué tomorrow.  We will see....