Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The theme for the Blog Ring on this week is Wish I Could Do That!  Oh, boy...  there are LOTS of things that fall into this theme for me...........
Quilled Hair Clip from BeadThing  $10
It's hard to believe that this lovely hair clip is made of paper...  no kidding!  The technique is called quilling and the whole process just fascinates me.  Miles of tiny, narrow strips of paper, wound and shaped to the artist's whim.  You can read more about the piece here.  And yes...  I wish I could do this, but I doubt I have the patience.  It is so lovely - don't you think?

Arabian Lantern Wire Wrapped Necklace  $62
If you've read my blog for long, you already know how much I appreciate wire wrap.  Wire of any metal is so unforgiving; one errant tweak and the work is permanently flawed.  It takes a magical touch for wire wrap to be delicate, flowing and simply perfect.   Colette Kimon, owner of the Colette Collection, is such an artist.  Aren't you simply in awe of the intricacy of this necklace?  I don't even have an idea of where you would even begin to create such a stunning piece, starting with little more than wire.
And then there's this remarkable lady...  April of BrooklynBeadGoddess.  April plays with fire and glass, taking molten glass in
Lampwork Earrings   $20
various colors to create some of the most amazing beads you will ever see anywhere.  Her blog states that she creates wearable art...  No argument there!
I could go on and on...  there are so many things that I wish I could do.  Check out this week's blog ring and discover what other artists chose to meet this week's theme, Wish I Could Do That!


  1. Oh Wow! Love this post. Thank you for including me!

  2. That hair pin is truly gorgeous, and I can't get over those lampwork beads, they are just beautiful. Wish I could do that too :-)
    Thanks for including me.

  3. Great selection of pieces from HA shops and artists.

  4. Love ell the items you picked Sandi. Great post!

  5. Love the post and thanks for sharing my quilled hair piece. I do so love doing quilling, but that wire wrap by Colette is gorgeous as well.