Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Seeing Red!

You gotta love the color red!  I joined a new blog ring and this is the theme this week.  So let me share my favorite red things from some very talented artists!
Click HERE to see more of this terrific necklace!

This fun necklace is from RasmussenGem's shop.  Strung with red, white and blue beads, it would be a great compliment with so many outfits!  the best news...  it's liquidation priced at $7.50!  What a great bargain!!!

Click HERE for more information on this cake stand!

I love visiting Monika's MyEuropeantouch shop.  Monika takes old china, cuts it into pieces and makes something new from it.  She is truly an upcycler!  I love this pedestal cake stand with its tiny pearl beads and pink and red roses.  It would be a shame to put a cake on this as you wouldn't be able to see the beautiful mosaic any more!

Click HERE for more pictures of this beauty!

I just grinned when I saw this terrific scarf in Debbi's shop, YankeeBurrowCreations.  Not too long ago, I wrote a blog post about crocheting with this type of yarn instead of knitting it.  Debbi commented on that post that she would have to give it a try...  Guess it worked!!!

I hope you have a great time exploring these shops and all of their beautiful pieces....  even the ones that aren't red! :}


  1. Thanks Sandi, good job highlighting our fellow artists. I enjoyed the product highlight also.

  2. Oh I love that red scarf! Nice job. I'm going to join in on this fun too!

  3. I love that red scarf. Awesome post.