Sunday, May 12, 2013


There is a new blog ring on  I joined then I withdrew because I kind of don't get what they're doing.  There's a theme (this week it's Spring) to it.  You're supposed to pick an item from the featured artists shop, one from your own shop and one from any other shop on HandmadeArtists, and then blog about it, all within the theme.  I really like blog rings, as it gives me a chance to explore shops with which I am not familiar.  But this whole theme thing is throwing me for a loop.  And mentioning an item from my own shop in a feature that is supposed to be about someone else...  well...  I guess I just don't get it, and that's okay, too.

On the other hand, the featured artists for the first week are the ultimate power couple, Andrew and Kimberly Kitchen, and I'm more than happy to blog about them!

Andrew and Kimberly are the founders of HandmadeArtistsThey started it as a forum for artisans in the handmade world when they couldn't find anything exactly to their liking that already existed.  In the few years since that humble beginning, has grown to be a a multi-dimensional site including an incredibly active, informative and supportive forum, and a blog and shop platform as well.  The two of them have worked and continue to work tirelessly to promote the site and the artisans who call it home.

Each are also artists in their own right.  They are both accomplished chainmaillers.  Kimberly also works with sea glass, which she meticulously wire-wraps.  Kimberly's shop, MakinTheBestOfIt, on HandmadeArtists is full of gorgeous examples of the sea glass jewelry.  Andrew's shop, ChainmaillebyMBOI  is full of intricate and wonderful chainmaille pieces in a variety of metals and other materials.  And like an infomercial...  But Wait! ...  there's more!  Kimberly also paints on glass, mostly stemware, filling many custom orders for brides year-round.  She will also take your wedding invitation and hand-paint the frame in which she mounts it to make it a permanent momento.  In their spare time, they are the proud parents of two medium sized sons.

Have a great time on your visit to these terrific sites!


  1. Thanks for the love Sandi!!! Yes the new blog ring needs some refining. I do like the idea of a promotional ring, I commented in the thread with my thoughts, where we can use multiple venues to show our love.
    Anyway you're a blessing to us and we are grateful for your love and support!

  2. Thanks for the post Sandi and you did a wonderful job.

  3. Beautiful artist feature. Love that picture :-)

  4. Great posts and I'm finding more blogs to follow!