Thursday, May 30, 2013


I love jewelry, especially earrings.  From time to time, I've made a bit of jewelry, and I tend to work with seed beads and tiny findings, working them into intricate designs.  I've gifted most of the pieces I've made, and the recipients unanimously have oooohed and ahhhhhed at my finished pieces.  But every time I make a piece of jewelry, I absolutely swear I will never do it again.  The process just drives me crazy, and is anything but relaxing.  So every time I do it, my admiration for talented jewelry artists increases exponentially!

On one of these occasions, I thought I would make a wire-wrapped piece....  no big deal, right?  Just take the wire, wrap it this way and that way, and voila.  This was a project I never finished.  It's not even a project that's a do-over for me.  It went in the trash.  Balls of steel wool are far more attractive than what I produced.  I decided after that escapade that not only are jewelers the epitome of patience and perseverance, but that wire-wrap artists must be a special kind of crazy.

One such person is Collette Kimon of Collettesboutique.  This is a woman who has had her beautiful work featured in national magazines, who writes tutorials, and who draws on what must be a limitless imagination to create her stunning wire-wrapped pieces.  The stones she chooses are subtle, yet striking.  The intracacy of the finished masterpieces is astounding.  Her prices on these wearable pieces of art are more than reasonable. 

You can find her pieces at Collettesboutique at HandmadeArtists, or on her own website, ColletteCollection.  By all means, do visit and drool over her remarkable work.


  1. Terrific article Sandi and I agree with you … Astounding! Collette designs beautiful hand-crafted wire wrapped jewelry, which is stunning!

  2. Really great post Sandi!I love that color of blue on her earrings. So pretty!

  3. Yes, this featured artist is phenomenal. Her wire wrapping is bar none, the best I have seen anywhere. I am a jewelry artisan and I simply can't do that.

  4. Wow Sandi! I am blown away by what you wrote. Thank you so much. I am just at lost for words. xoxo

  5. drool I did!!! I also tried wire wrapping...once...ended up throwing it across the room. hahaha.