Sunday, April 14, 2013


I love ProjectWonderful for advertising my shop online.  Anyone with a virtual business knows that if you don't promote, promote, and promote some more that you'll never have any traffic.  No traffic means no sales.  I'm not the greatest with self-promotion through social networking, so ProjectWonderful works great for me.

Simplistically, you join ProjectWonderful, then bid on ads you'd like to place on various sites.  Recently I was asked if I could write a tutorial on ProjectWonderful, and I agreed to do so.  I found very quickly that writing about it wasn't going to work, so I made a video walkt-thru.  It's on YouTube; here's the link:

I hope that you find this helpful and can put it to work for you.  In case you are curious, my advertising budget is $15 per month.

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  1. only $15? I was worried that I would have to spend more (which I don't have). Thank you for the tutorial, and for your support. :0)