Wednesday, December 26, 2012

About 3 weeks ago, my husband and I went to an open house at the one art gallery in the small, rural town where we live; Artisans Art Gallery.  It was a delightful evening, filled with yummy snacks and stimulating conversation.  But the most remarkable thing about it was that I discovered the beautiful work of watercolorist Debbie Robb.  Her paintings are so incredibly detailed yet airy and whimsical.  I was in love...
Of course, none of you have ever visited my home, or you would know that we already live in an art museum of sorts.  We joke that if either one of us comes home with a new painting, we will need to make the house bigger, as we are out of wall space!  Yet I was so in love with the work of this artist.
To my delight and surprise, yesterday I received not one, but two Debbie Robb watercolors.  I just had to share this remarkable work with all of you!
This is the larger of the two paintings.  As I sit here while a raging blizzard goes on outside, this charming watercolor makes it spring.  I love the colorful vases and the different varieties of the flowers.  The illusion of the whole thing being back lit, with the shadows coming toward the viewer gives this painting such depth and realism.  The artist's choice of frame is just perfect, in my opinion.  The detail in the painting is simply enhanced by the heavy, busy and dark surroundings. 
This is the smaller of the two. Don't you just love the intricate details of the blooms?  Again, the shadows in the foreground give this painting such depth.  I find it so interesting that this virtually square painting features such a tall and elongated central focal point.  The simplicity of this frame does not distract at all from the beauty of the painting itself.

But here is the most amazing thing about this artist's unbelievable work.....
Can you believe how tiny these intricate paintings are?  I can't even begin to imagine what Debbie Robb is using to create these miniscule masterpieces!  She must be painting with a brush with a single hair!  To get such meticulous detail onto such a tiny canvas....  it just boggles my mind!!!
To my wonderful husband, who gifted me with the larger painting, and my equally wonderful son, the giver of the smaller one....  THANK YOU SO MUCH!  And to Debbie Robb...  please keep painting!  Your artistic gift to the world is priceless and will long be appreciated!  

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Miniature Handmade Rag Doll Christmas Ornaments Are On Sale!

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My miniature rag dolls are all handmade and designed by me.  Each is unique, and each one is signed.  These tiny dolls stand just 4 inches (10.2 cm) tall.  They do meet CPSIA/US Government standards for toys for children over three years old, too.  They make terrific stocking stuffers! 
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