Thursday, November 8, 2012

This blog post is certainly not about “a discussion of art in all of its forms,” as my blog subheading states, but it is one that I have been tempted to write for quite a while.  I find myself inspired by a comment to a news article on CNN entitled, Analysis: Why Romney Lost, to let my fingers fly across the keyboard.

In response to the article, NSL14 writes:

I think you're generally right, and I think the Republicans are in complete denial.  They are accusing the President of cheating, of lying, of all sorts of nonsense.  Some have complained the media is at fault too.  They refuse to look at the fact that the Republican Party no longer represents the view of the world of most of the people living in America.  It represents white, fundamentalist Christian men well, but that's about it.  And they don't represent most of the rest of us, not because we don't like the members of the Republican party, nor because Republican candidates can't relate to us.  The don't represent us, because the Republican platform and the Republican view on the issues of the day are not what we believe. 
We believe that Freedom of Religion is freedom for every American to practice the religion of their choice, or to have no religion at all.  We believe that government needs to stay out of the religion business for every American, not just Christians.  We believe that religious teaching belongs in religious institutions and not in government run schools, and not supported by tax dollars.

We believe that no one should be able to take something, like the right to comprehensive health care, away from anyone under the law due to religion. We believe that a person's body is their temple and they get to decide what happens to their body, and that includes women. We believe that rape is one of the most serious crimes imaginable, that no one deserves to be raped, and no women should have to suffer any additional consequences of being raped after the crime happened.

We believe that scientists aren't evil conspirators and that global warming exists (Just take a look at the glaciers of the world, and you can't missing its reality) and if we're serious about future generations we must do what's necessary to stop our pollution making it worse. We believe that continuing to use up the scarce resources of petroleum energy more and more rapidly makes no sense whatsoever, and that we must develop alternative energy strategies very quickly.

We don't believe that Social Security and Medicare is a handout.

We believe in the individual promise and dignity of every person and believe all people should have the same rights and privileges of citizenship, just because they are people, and because they are Americans. We believe that everyone should be able to love and live as they wish as a couple. We believe in inclusion, not exclusion.

We believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and believe that every American deserves its benefits, and needs to fulfill its responsibilities.

When the Republican Party embraces those ideals, they might relate to the rest of us.
This eloquent comment sums it up pretty well.  Yes, the country split nearly in half - meaning half of the voters still hold to the far right wing, antiquated beliefs.  But a bit larger half voted for more modern, evolving stances.  Looking at the leaders of the Republican party is like looking at our elderly parents/grand parents...  we love them but they have no idea what our day to day lives are like, what dilemmas we face, what our kids are dealing with.  The good old days were - but they're gone now.  This latter group also elected the younger candidate two elections in a row.  There is definitely a message here.

As much as the Republican party needs to realize this, so does the Federal Government, all the way up to the current occupant of the Oval Office.  We're still recovering from an economic free-fall that was 30+ years in the making.  We have failing infrastructure and global warming.  We have a public education system desperately in need of revitalization.  The government at all levels needs to stop protecting me from me!  The government needs to stop passing judgement on changing social values and govern in line with them.  Please stop wasting time pontificating on how wrong we are for holding views different from yours.  This is not governing - this is simply a waste of taxpayer's (my) money.

And while I have your attention, I have seen more obstructionist politics in the Congress in the last four years than I have in all the rest of my lifetime (and I am old).  You are all in your cushy jobs in government to represent (read protect and serve) us.  Being the "party of no" is not satisfying this mission.  Being unbending doesn't work either.  All of you need to retake "Compromise 101" so that we can accomplish some meaningful progress for everyone.

We are the United States of America.  We all need to start acting like we believe it.



  1. All so very true - Compromise 101 would be a very god thing for many people to take!

  2. Great post! I have been thinking a lot about the election as well and many people's wrath about it. I do believe that the Republicans (or at least the ones running under that banner) are putting forward a face that is so opposite facing anything labeled Democrat that it's impossible to take them seriously. If they would just say what they really believe in, I think they would gain back many supporters who say "Hey, yeah, that's what I believe in."

  3. Wow, that is one powerful post! I love it-a woman after my own heart!