Monday, September 10, 2012

HandmadeArtists Blog Ring
John and Debora Rasmussen

If you like jewelry, this is a fabulous shop to visit.  First of all, it is fully stocked with 441 items for your browsing enjoyment.  And the price range in this shop reflects the tremendous inventory, ranging from $4.85 - $1,000!  Debora designs all the beaded and craft items; John is a gemologist and artisan jeweler and metalsmith.  So what can you find in this too-drool-over shop?  Let's start at the low end and work our way up!

Here's a hand-beaded key chain.  Who says the attachment on your keys has to be boring?  This delightful little piece sells for just $5.
These baroque pearl earrings are so interesting because of the random shapes of the stones.  They can be yours for just $15!

Perhaps you're looking for a stone you can have set.  John will be happy to do that for you, or ship you the stone so you can do it yourself or have it done locally.  This lovely 9.2 carat lemon quartz is priced at $46.

This ring is truly a stunner.  With the trend toward non-diamond engagement jewelry, wouldn't this be wonderful!  The center stone is a peridot, surrounded by topaz.  Priced at $74.98, it's affordable as well!

This pendant features a beautifully clear quartz cabochon set in silver.  Accenting the focal stone is a round brilliant faceted citrine gem which is prong set.  This striking pendant sells for $100.

I noticed in exploring this shop that many of the stones are mined by this creative couple.  So not only are you getting a handmade piece, but a piece that was created literally from the ground up!

John is an active member of the handmade community, and has written several posts, the most recent being on photography, for the HandmadeArtists Blog.

Whether you're looking for a trinket, a loose cabochon, or a beautifully set piece of fine jewelry, you will be happy that you visited RassmussenGems! And the $1,000 piece?  You'll have to visit and see it for yourself!!!


  1. What a great post and delivered in such a fun way. John and Debora really are amazing and his work is spectacular.

  2. Thanks for all the compliments. My head is swollen enough now.

    1. My pleasure, John. Every word is true and sincere!

  3. Great read, they are awesome artists.