Monday, July 23, 2012

My First Original Pattern

Have you seen those adorable baby booties that look like cowboy boots?  They are so darling.  There are lots of them for sale on the web.

A friend of mine asked if I would knit her a pair of them for her to give as a gift.  So I started to research the design and see if I could come up with a pattern to follow.

This pattern can be purchased HERE
How many patterns for these would you like for crochet?  There must be hundreds of them out there!  I searched and searched and could not find one for knitters.   So I wrote one!

It took me a few weeks to get the booties the shape and size I wanted.  Once that was done, I thought, "Piece of cake - I'll just type what I do as I do it."  That was hardly the case!  It amazed me the amount of work that goes into a decent pattern.

The pattern is a .pdf file, and consists of 6 pages.  It's full of full color progress photos so that you can always be sure that what you did looks the way it is supposed to look.  

It's always good to have an adventure and branch out.  After writing this first pattern, I might do it again.  But it will be a while! 

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