Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Wedding Countdown...

We went to the Groom's softball game tonight and were not amused that they've not been able to get the marriage license yet.  I had to give them the mother finger (not to be confused with the father finger) over that one!  They promised they are going to Parowan tomorrow for the license.  Fortunately, there's no waiting period on marriage licenses in Utah.

Today was the first day that the long-range weather forecast reaches anywhere close to our date...  We had a windstorm blow through last weekend - Saturday was freezing cold with 45 MPH winds.  Forecast for Friday, June 8th - sunny and clear, high of 80 with calm winds.  Hang in there weather!


We do have "plan B."  If it decides to snow on Saturday, June 9th, every stick of furniture we own will be in the garage.  Because of our 'open floor plan,' we can have the wedding in the house.  Of course, with 80-100 people in our house for the ceremony, we'll all be really close friends by the time it's over!!! 


  1. Wow...if I were you, I would be a totaly wreck about now. LOL.

  2. Haha, I LOVE the wagging mother finger! :) I pray the weather holds for you, but no matter what it'll all be good, right?