Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Two Weeks and Counting
On June 9, 2012, our youngest son is getting married.  Of course that's a big deal.  But this one's a bit different.  He's getting married in our back yard.  My husband, who is now an ordained minister (the irreverent Reverend Paul!) will be performing the ceremony.  Paul was never in a wedding.  I never had a wedding.  So now we're going to throw a wedding!
The bride wanted a wedding arbor...  check!  They wanted sit-down food for the reception - tables and chairs are rented and will be delivered Friday the 8th - check.  I thought I would just get on the internet and download "Here Comes the Bride."  Yeah, right!  So I've visited our local music store and now own the CD which includes all kinds of wedding music...  check.   The invitations went out weeks ago, but the RSVPs are not coming back - what a surprise - it seems this bit of what used to be common courtesy is taboo these days.  The cake is ordered.  The 'something old, new, borrowed and blue' issue is handled.  The bride's dress is done.  The tuxedos will be ready.  We (well, mostly I) decided it would be so cool if Origami white cranes were hung (a symbol of luck and prosperity) all over the place with fishing line.  So far, I have just over 500 of them, and I have help coming Friday the 8th to help hang them (what was I thinking?!?)  ...  all "check."
So what are we forgetting?  


  1. sounds exciting!!!!! be sure to post pictures afterwards.

  2. 500 Cranes! Wow! How have you gotten anything else done! I made a bunch of them a few years ago and hung them all over my patio and a large branch I put in a pot.
    Flowers for the bride & groom?
    Have you figured out a way to hang the cranes? I am so glad you are going to have help hanging them.