Sunday, April 8, 2012


There were tons of voters last week, and 88% of you got it right!  I thought this was a tough one...  You are all much more observant and perceptive than I anticipated!

This lovely, lacy shawl was handmade by the wonderful Anne of MadeForMeByOaklie.  Anne is a tireless promoter of handmade in all of its forms.  Her shop is full of a myriad of these lovely and delicate hand-knit items.  Perhaps so many of you got this right simply because you recognized her amazing touch and style.

The other shawl does have a handmade feel to it.  But that's not the case here.  I found this one at Sears website!

Thanks to everyone for participating in this!  I hope you are having as much fun playing as I am writing!  So, Week 7, here we go!!!

Which one is handmade?  You can vote in the poll in the sidebar.


Item # 1

This piece weighs in at approximately 3 ounces and is braided using a European 4 and 1 pattern. It is made using 3 metals; sterling silver, copper, and bronze; creating a very intricate pattern. The bracelet measures 7.5 inches long  and about 1 inch wide. The braids are held securely with a sterling silver slide clasp.

Price:  $175.00

Item #2
Choose this whimsical, glittering bracelet to set yourself apart at the next formal occasion—the fuchsia crystals and 18-karat yellow gold plate speak to the decadent design you love.
  • 18-karat yellow gold-plated brass chain maille bracelet.
  • Round-cut, fuchsia Swarovski® crystals.
  • Approximately 5/8"W.
  • Fold-over clasp.

Price:  $215.00

Which one is handmade?  See you all next week!


  1. Thank you so much for the lovely feature! It was fun... Off to play this weeks game!

  2. I can't vote because I already know. ::)