Sunday, April 1, 2012


I thought last week's was tougher than it was, apparently...  100% of you got it correct! 

These great looking baby booties are the mass-produced item.  Though the actual item description has a bullet point which reads "imported," I cut that out.  If you would like more information on the booties, I found them on a site entitled Baby & Child.  


These handmade gems were made by Becky of LittleDogLaughs and are in her shop on HandmadeArtists. Click here to go directly to this item.  Priced at $28, these booties will keep a little one warm and toasty and provide lots of entertainment to everyone visiting the new baby!


So, here we go with week #6.  You can cast your vote in the poll to the right in the side bar!



Item #1


Lacey white knit shawl or wrap. Perfect for any occasion or season! Can also be doubled as an extra large scarf or draped over the head wrap too! Knit with an open weave stitch to give it that lacey look and finished with matching fringe this shawl measures appx. 78" long x 20" wide! 


Price:  $50.00






Item #2


An elegant acrylic & mohair medium weight long scarf knitted with sequined flowers with tassels ends. It is soft and super stylish and will keep you warm with fashion. The scarf measures 73 inches with fringe. An excellent fashion accessory good for cold weather when layered or can be use as a light shawl opened up. It can also be a gift for your friends and loved ones.  Machine or hand wash. 

Price:  $62.95  





So, which one is handmade?  The answer will be posted next Sunday!  Have fun!

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