Saturday, April 7, 2012

AMAZING!  Artists With a Special Touch!

I love the name of this artist's site...  WildWireArt ... The name alone is enough to picque one's interest!  

Click here to see more views of this piece!
So, off I went for a visit, and look what I found!  Isn't this the epitome of the shop's name?  With all of its swirls and squiggles, its just wonderful!  The jade owl is surrounded with mixed metal wire.  It comes on a 16 inch leather cord with copper accents.  I'm just in awe of the workmanship in this piece and can't imagine the time it took to create!  The description includes a delightful story of a magical forest, too!

Click here to read more about these wonderful earrings!
Nancy lives and creates in Southern Illinois.  She claims in her profile attached to her shop on HandmadeArtists that her job is play to her.  That joy is apparent in her finished products.  Her materials are copper, sterling silver and gemstones.  These wonderful earrings are a great example of Nancy's skill with raw wire.  The hoops are hand hammered copper, and even the ear wires are made by the artist.  The blue lapis bear-like charms are so charming!

Nancy's shop is a joy to visit!  Stop by soon and see what I mean!


  1. Cute earrings and a very nice post!

  2. Love the top piece with the owl and swirls! Nancy has really been an inspiration for all of us with her work ethic and support of handmade. It has been a pleasure having her as a contributor on our blog as well.

  3. Sandi Honey! Great post about Nancy,,, WOW! Look at those bear like earrings… Sweet! Thanks for showing us those earrings! WOW!