Sunday, March 4, 2012

Which One Is Handmade?

I would like to thank everyone who played last week in my too-easy first installment of this feature.  Number 1 was the mass-produced item.  Those earrings can be purchased at  If you're interested in those great handmade earrings, visit FatDogBeads at  Ready for another?  Let's do it!

Item #1
Dun dun... dun dun... dun dun ... lookout!... Your cupcakes are overcooking!  Hopefully your cupcakes will not meet the same fate as your arm!  Maybe next time you should pay more attention to the scary theme music that you are hearing in your head.

Our Shark Bite Oven Mitt will amuse even the most discerning chef.

100% Polyester. Outer Back: 100% Neoprene. Lining: 100% Nylon.  Measures 15.75 inches x 9.25 inches.

Price: $8.00 

Item #2
Darling and convenient Bumble Bee potholder to protect your hands. Great for any bee lover.

Just insert your hands in the front pockets for protection and to easily grab a casserole dish on either side. Potholder is perfect for that newly remodeled or decorated kitchen.

The handy shape protects your hands from burns and can be used on either left or right hands. This style is multi-functional as you can also use it as a hot pad.

This potholder is made with two layers of Warm and Natural cotton batting and one layer of a reflective metalized poly film that resists radiant energy to keep heat away from your hands. These are sandwiched between new fashion fabrics from quality 100% cotton. Plus batting is also used between the upper layers that protect your hands. Hands pockets are also re-enforced for durability. Self fabric bias trim.

Machine washable.

Price:  $6.00

Sooooooooooo.....  which one is handmade?  You'll find a poll in the right side bar to vote!   


  1. I think the first one, but then I'm not familiar with oven mits so I could be wrong. :)

  2. I voted for number 2. I've had that style of potholder in my store and I know the woman who made them.

  3. I picked #2 as handmade... my reasoning is it seemed to be more interested in protecting your hand and the stitching on the other one just seemed a bit cheezy. (not to say, I have never seen regretsy)

  4. love this! what a fun idea Sandi!