Sunday, March 18, 2012

The voting was so close last week...  53% for number 2 and 46% for number 1.  And the winner is...  the handmade item is ...  oh, the suspense is killing me ...  
This hand-tooled, hand-dyed leather wallet is available from AmazingLeather at  Artist Nicole also has a shop on Etsy.  Her Etsy shop has a much wider variety of items - these amazing wallets,  belts, cuffs, clutches, bags and purses.

This beautiful wallet, though not handmade, is from American West Handbags.  According to the description, this particular style is made in/imported from Paraguay.  They're available in a number of places, but the one I featured was found on ShopNBC!
This means 53% of you picked the wrong  one!   Many of those choosing correctly noted the stitching on Item #1 as the thing that tipped the scales.  And honestly, I would have chosen #2 with the majority just from the description...  it seemed more personal to me.

Can I get you again?  Which One is Handmade #4
Item #1
Dangerously dark chocolate!  Deceptively complex with the alluring texture of German cinnamon almonds, marshmallows, Cappuccino & Kahlua flavorings.

Price:  8 oz. bag - $2.00

Item #2
Our original! Some have referred to as “Almond Joy” on steroids. Fresh roasted almonds surrounded with mouth watering coconut nougat and hand dip in the finest milk chocolate.

Davies Coco-Dots: Essentially the Coco-Dot without the almonds but all the coco-nutty goodness. Also available in dark chocolate!

Price:  Box of 5 dots - $5.00

So....  which one is handmade?  Voting will close Sunday, March 25, 2012!


  1. Holy crow, I think I got the last one wrong! Tricky!

  2. Lol I did get the last one wrong! and I may just get this one wrong too!