Thursday, March 15, 2012

AMAZING!  Artists With A Special Touch!

You would think that when you know someone well (or at least kind of well), that it would be easy to write a post about them.  On the contrary...  I find just the opposite to be true.  Where do you start?  What do you feature?  What might other people be interested in reading?  It's a quandary, but one I'm happy to take on for this wonderful artist, father, husband, and tireless promoter of handmade.

Hiding behind the hundreds of metal rings in the logo above is a man named Andrew.  Having a full time job which forces him to drive all over the northeast US, a wife and two sons would be all that most mere mortals could handle.  Andrew would be completely bored if this was all he had to do!

His website and his shop on are both full of chainmaille.  Not your typical chainmaille either as demonstrated by the piece shown to the left.  This is the centerpiece of a necklace which can be purchased here.  But here's my question...  How on earth do you take tiny circles of metal (in this case sterling silver), weave a whole bunch of them together, and end up with squares or cubes? Seriously...  how is this possible???!!!   My brain hurts just trying to figure this one out!

Andrew's shops don't only contain necklaces.  There are earrings and bracelets, too, and even chainmaille lanyards to hold your ID badge at conferences.  Andrew works in sterling silver, copper, bronze and aluminum.  He'll soon be adding brass to the mix.  This mixed-metals piece is a perfect example of the perfection Andrew strives for in every piece.  It is so incredibly even and balanced!

You would think this would be enough to keep one person busy, but that's not the case here.  With his wife, Kim (who I featured a while ago), they designed, built and maintain  The site has shops for handmade artisans, a blog, and my favorite, a forum.  The forum is the ultimate support group for anyone marketing art in any of its forms.  In a difficult economy, with sales intermittent at best, the support and camaraderie given to all of us participating in the forum is truly priceless.  Andrew is a tireless promoter  for HandmadeArtists and all of the artists and crafters it supports with thousands of followers on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  I simply don't know how he does it all!

One of these days, I'm going to have to get Andrew to give me the secret of his seemingly endless supply of time and energy!


  1. Great post on Andrew!!! He really has some fabulous pieces!

  2. Fantastic post! For some reason I had it in my head that Kimberly was the chainmailler that made all the beautiful jewelry. I don't see how he has time to do all that he does. If you ever get the secret to his endless supply of time and energy, Please Share. (-;


  3. Well Linda, we actually both do chainmaille, I make the rings and we both do the weaving. Of the pieces above Kimberly did the necklace and I did the bracelet. Most of the plain chain is mine, and most of the fancy stuff is hers. Here lately though Kimberly has been producing much more than I have.

    Knit thanks so much for the kind words, I would tell you my secrets but I would need to figure out what they are first LOL

    Thanks for the love everyone!

  4. Sandi, A terrific article about a terrific handmade artist! Talented, helpful, kind, funny... the list is long! Great job, fun reading!

  5. Great job!!! I love your feature of Andrew:)
    Nancy Pace

  6. Sandi, this has my vote for the best blog post ever!
    As for Andrews comment about the "plain"chain - none of it is plain by any means! Seriously!

  7. Nice post Sandi! You can see the love in all his work!