Wednesday, February 29, 2012

AMAZING!  Artists with a Special Touch

Crochet Alien Buddy
OurHomeToYours is the mother/daughter team of Debbi and Amanda.  What a great shop to visit...  you just don't know what to expect the next item to be!!!  There are christmas decorations, wedding items, jewelry, banners, crochet things and even a toy or two!

Like this crochet Alien Buddy ... how cute is this!  At four inches square, he's just the right size for little hands, or even big hands!
Dolphin and moonstone earrings

My daughter-in-law just loves dolphins and these earrings are just stunning.  Combined with moonstones and other beads on silver wire, I'm sure they have lots of light and motion when worn.
Pink & Purple Swirl Ornament

This glass ornament is so intriguing!  It started out life as a clear glass ornament, but when these two wonderful ladies got through swirling different colors of paint inside, it became this gorgeous piece!  Makes you want to have a Christmas tree year round, doesn't it?  Maybe it could just hang in a sunny window when it's not the holidays so that it can be enjoyed!
Rainbow Crochet Shawlette

And just to convince you of the variety in these shops, isn't this a wonderful shawl!  It's crocheted from this amazing yarn to give it the vibrancy shown in the photo.  

These remarkable ladies have two shops; one at HandmadeArtists, and one on Etsy.  You can also find them on their blog and on Facebook.  If you're looking for a delightful surprise, be sure to visit any or all of their sites!


  1. Thank you Sandi for this great post. And for some new OHTY news, we have decided on a new name...Yankee Burrow Creations...with a (.)com no less, lol.

  2. Great presentation of "Our Home to Yours." You chose some fantastic knitted/crocheted items, they are very good. Debbi and Amanda do a great job with this shop.


  3. Their shop is such a delight to look through! :) Great post!

  4. Fabulous Sandi… Adore Yankee Burrow Creations (aka Our Home to Yours)

  5. Love the ornament! Nice post 8)