Wednesday, February 8, 2012

AMAZING!  Artists With a Special Touch:

The featured artist in this week's blog ring at the Handmade Artists' Forum is Kim of Makin' the Best of It. To say that this lady is multi-talented is a huge understatement!  She is a wife and mother of two boys.  She is part of the founding team of the Handmade Artists' Forum/Blog/Shops.  She is a tireless promoter of handmade.  And she's a gifted artist in more than one field.  The big question is...  is she a mere human?!
I love wire-wrap!  I am just blown away by good wire-wrap.  This blue sea-glass wire-wrap pendant is not just good; it's flat out gorgeous!  I've tried to play with wire on a couple of occasions and my efforts don't have the fluid, curvy, balanced lines that this pendant does.  It takes patience and a great deal of vision of the finished piece to succeed at wire-wrap on this level.  Need to own this?  Click here for the full item description.
Sticking with the blue motif, this hand-painted vase is to die for!  The rose motif is so elegant and understated.  
...  or you could choose elegant stemware, hand- painted with white magnolias and green leaves.  Kim states that the buyer needs to remember that each item is individually hand-painted, so no two will ever be excatly the same.  This adds to their charm!
As if this wasn't enough, Kim has a wonderful blog as well!  A visit to Kim's websites can be an all-day adventure!  Pour yourself a beverage and grab a snack...  then have a wonderful visit with Kim!


  1. I love that you did a blue theme - my favorite color! Kimberly is so talented, it's ridiculous.

  2. Love the items you selected. Beautiful!

  3. Thanks so much for showing off my addictions and for helping to get the word out about the forum and means so much to Andrew and I when we see all the support our members give to each other.

    1. Absolutely my pleasure, and every word of it is true!

  4. I her biggest fan, when ever I see her I follow her and watch every step. I would probably be considered a stalker if she wasn't my wife LOL Anyway thanks for the kind words :D

  5. I am enamored of her painting on glass! She does such beautiful work and is so darn good at it! :)

  6. Terrific post Sandi... I aspire to create wire wrapping as good as Kimberly. In addition, I am thankful to Kimberly and Andrew for creating a place for handmade artists to share their creations and make new friends, as I have with you!

  7. Another really great post about a great couple.