Wednesday, January 11, 2012

AMAZING!  Artists with a Special Touch:
When you join a blog ring, it's a commitment that every so ofter you will feature an artist on your blog, and at some point, they spotlight you.  Sometimes these pieces can be a struggle.  Like opera, you may not love it, but can appreciate the artistic form.  Then there are others that seem to just write themselves.  CrochetHooked falls into the latter category!
You're all expecting to see nice doilies or scarves and hats at this point, all stitched evenly and beautifully.  But surprise!  Cari doesn't crochet with yarn.  Cari crochets with wire!  No kidding!  Take a look!  Hundreds of tiny beads meticulously crocheted into this striking bracelet!  How on earth do you crochet with wire, coming up with the beautiful finished piece!?!?!?! Cari has even given these remarkable wearables their very own name...  Braidlets.
Cari works with seed beads, pearls, and Swarovski crystals all crocheted together beautifully with artistic wire.  Are you ambitious?  You can purchase a tutorial from Cari's shop and try doing this yourself!  Click here for more information on her tutorials!

The CrochetHooked shop offers these remarkable Braidlets as stand-alone pieces and in sets (with matching earrings).  This shop is a delightful tour of color and texture.  Do yourself a favor and visit Cari's shop, CrochetHooked.  Not only will you love her pieces, but you'll also find that her prices are so reasonable, you'll just need to own one!



  1. Her work is so unique and beautiful!

  2. Love to see Cari's work featured! She is such a talent and a wonderful support to other members of the handmade community.

  3. I definitely belong in the need to own category :) Great post about a wonderful artisan!

  4. I love your blog colors and the post about Cari's work.

  5. Thank you so much Sandi... very cute and I love it. I have read it a few times and chuckle when you say, "You're all expecting to see nice doilies or scarves and hats at this point" You are not the first one to say that! TeeHeeHee!... Thanks again, very sweet of you!