Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just in Case You Missed This....
We are all always wondering what else we can do to promote our listings, shops, ourselves.  If you haven't checked out Project Wonderful yet, you need to do so!  Project Wonderful is an advertising co-op, of sorts.  You can search for the types of sites you'd like to advertise with by category, size, hits, etc.  You choose how much you want to spend per day.  This is not a pay-per-click deal.  You can cancel adds if they're under-performing and try something else.
You do have to deposit some money with them to get started (minimum of $5.00).  The site generates good data, letting you know what you've spent on each ad, how many visitors have seen it, how many clicks you got, and what those clicks cost you.  You can advertise lots of places for 0¢ (not a typo!), though those are not the sites with thousands of visitors a day!
Visit Project Wonderful soon, and start spreading the word about your unique micro-brand in new places! 

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