Sunday, August 21, 2011

Are You a "Handmade Artist?"
There are lots of you (us) out there!  If you are part of this group, here's something that might interest you!
The Handmade Artists Shop (HAS) is giving away a free shop for life!  You didn't read that wrong and it's not a typo!!!  All you have to do is blog about the Handmade Artists Shop to enter.  If you attach/post their badge on your blog, you get two entries into the contest.
"But it's small," you say.  "Don't the bigger sites like Etsy and Artfire get more traffic?"  You're right it is small, but growing every day.  And you're right about the traffic too; Etsy and Artfire do get more traffic.  The real question is where will YOU get more traffic?  From personal experience, it's no contest...  according to Google Analytics, on a bad day, my shop on HAS gets at least five times the views my shop on Etsy did/does.  In fact, I'm allowing my Etsy shop to dwindle away - I love the views I'm getting, the no-listing fees, the no-commission fees on sales (yes, I've had sales on HAS!), and the personal support and attention I receive on HAS.  Besides, aren't you tired of competing with mass merchandisers, importers of misrepresented goods, and hundreds (maybe thousands) of other artists offering items in the same categories you are?
Ready to enter the contest for a free shop for life on HAS?  Here's the link:  Free Shop for Life Blogging Contest 
Good luck! 


  1. Thanks for helping to spread the word! I'm so glad you are happy at HAF; I know that we love your work to death!