Saturday, July 9, 2011

Part 2 - Shopping Complete!
Close up of the 'sky' fabric
Before the shopping began, it was time to determine what the finished size of this quilt would be.  So I measured the 'sky,' and worked from there.  I decided on 40 inches of sky, plus one inch of border, two inches of frame and binding - the quilt will be somewhere in the neighborhood of 43 inches wide finished.  I'm seeing this as a rectangle, so I'll shoot for 36 inches tall.  From there, I made a list of how much yardage I need for the frame/back (the largest piece of fabric I'll need), and rough measurements on all the detail materials.
All the fabrics laid out
Close up of the sands, palm tree trunks, hut and palm frond floss
After almost two hours in the fabric store, this is what I ended up with.  The material in the mountain will also be the frame and the back.  I've added fabrics I already owned that seemed to be 'sand,' and a mottled bright orange/yellow I had for the sun.  I rarely buy thread on this shopping trip as I have a large collection.  It's a matter of getting the fabric home and then seeing what's currently in inventory that will work.  It seldom happens that I have every color I'll need, but this is one of those happy occasions!
Now everything goes through a complete laundry cycle (wash and dry).  I do this to remove any non-set dyes and to make sure that something won't shrink after the quilt is assembled.  All of these fabrics are 100% cotton.  Once the laundry is done, then the fun begins!

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  1. I hate forgetting to wash something before sewing it and once it's all done and shrinks some of it puckers. :(