Monday, May 16, 2011

Yes, There Is a Site That Truly Supports Handmade!

It's no secret that I have a shop on Etsy - a tiny speck in a sea of over 400,000 other shops.  And it's a sea with an ever-increasing number of resellers/manufacturers.  It's so hard to compete with similar items at 1/10th of the cost.  It's easy to keep your costs down when the 'artist' is a ten-year-old in Sri Lanka making 28¢ a week.  And, please, don't get me started on the fees.

Enter the Handmade Artists' Shop.  An extension of the Handmade Artists' Forum, the shop offered a selling platform to all of its members for a flat fee of $5 per month...  no listing fees,  no renewal fees, no final value fees.  I just loved the folks on the forum, so I thought I would give it a try.  The platform was clunky, slow and complicated.  But I stuck with it because I like being part of a truly handmade community.
New Logo
The owners of the Forum and Shop knew the shop platform had issues.  At the beginning of this year, out of their own pockets, they set out on a complete rebuild of the shop.  They literally started from scratch to design a selling platform that was easy to use, fast, and visually appealing.  Boy, did they accomplish their mission!!!!  They are still limiting vendors to only handmade.  A person actually reviews all requests to have a shop and approves/denies it.  And the cost is still a flat $5 per month!  But wait - there's a discount available on that too...  $50 per year when paid annually!!!  And there's more!  They will be limiting total shops at 20,000.  I know that sounds like a lot, but it's a whole lot less than 400,000!!!

I just LOVE my shop on the new platform!  It was sooooo easy to set up.  Please visit the new Handmade Artists' Shop and see for yourself!  Maybe you will decide that you'd like to be part of a truly handmade community, too!


  1. I too love this new site and the forum! The best, most awesome people around! And we can say we were there when it all happened!

  2. Thanks for the article, just so you know we actually are not approving vendors. Anyone can sign up and start selling right away. But if they are not handmade their shop will be immediately cancelled with no refund. We have outlined what we believe a handmade artist is in our terms and conditions.

    Anyway we are soooo glad that everyone likes the shop and depending on how things go we may even cut off vendors at 10,000 instead of 20,000. It will be in that neighborhood, then the site will go exclusive with only approved vendors being allowed. We may only let vendors join that fill a void, we'll see but until then make sure you guys tell a friend.
    Handmade Artists' Shop
    Handmade Artists' Forum

  3. Wooot! I love our community!

  4. I'm so glad that you are happy with the new shop! We really do appreciate all of yours, and the other HAFforum members, for their input and suggestions. to promote our handmade vendors!

  5. Great blog! And I love the HAFshop!!

  6. I love the Handmade Artist Forum and I love the people all have been so nice and helpful!