Sunday, May 15, 2011

Must-Read Blogs
Gina, of Dahlish Knits, is such a character - and all that personality comes out in her delightful blog!  She lives in North Dakota with her husband and two small children.  She's a fanatic knitter, and somehow finds time to write regularly.  This itself is a colossal feat!  I've had two small children (or more) at home and don't remember having any time for such an endeavor!
The first thing I noticed when I visited Gina's blog today was the picture of her new knit slippers!  Gina...  how do I get a pair!  They're awesome!!!  Then there are articles about different things she's knit, shopping online, recommended books she's read, and other artists.
You just never know what surprises this blog will hold!  For sheer entertainment, check out the Dahlish Knits blog


  1. Yes, the slippers do look very comfortable. Great selection.

  2. Those slippers do look mighty comfy! Thanks for this delightful post! She really is a character and I love it!:)

  3. hehe the slippers do look comfy - great post!

  4. Fantastic slippers, and a lovely post.